Serious personal injury and wrongful death

Serious personal injury, or the wrongful death of a loved one, are among the most devastating, highly personal tragedies families can ever face. People are forced to make important decisions about the future while suffering from the extreme emotional turmoil that often accompanies such a trauma. At times like these, when you are most vulnerable, it is crucial to have a trusted, experienced adviser to guide you through the complicated legal system.
As a respected Salt Lake County Personal Injury Lawyer, my mission is to go the extra distance for you. I have worked tirelessly fighting for the legal rights of hundreds of clients who have suffered serious physical, emotional and catastrophic injuries, and for survivors of those who have died due to another’s negligence as a result of vehicle accidents and other wrongful acts.
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Home Short Sales Services.

We offer assistance in expediting the Short Sales process of your home. Often times a short sale on a house can drag out for months and months with no end in sight. Our processing methods for Short Sales help push the process along. Our method involves using processors who work full time to move short sales to the next step with the lender. This allows your Real Estate Agent to do what he/she does best; helping people buy and sell houses. Our services are paid only at closing, and are paid by your mortgage lender. The benefits for you? You receive legal advice to inform you of your best options regarding your home without any cost out of pocket, and a more efficient processing system to keep you regularly informed throughout the process.